Businesses That Accept Ethereum Open Source Blockchain Platform

Their network and presence span over 210 countries, with access to and reviews of approximately 560,000 hotels. This makes these services more accessible to supported countries that do not use acceptable fiat currencies. OverStock’s adoption of Ether paved the way for its current widespread enterprise use. They help travelers and tourists book hotels. Sirin Labs is a technology company that uses blockchain technology to create secure smartphones. Phones made by Sirin Labs have built-in crypto wallets. The company supports any form of cryptocurrency payment, including Ethereum.

Enterprises Adopt Ethereum The World Is Now A Global Village

The world is now a global village, and with every internet-based upgrade, it becomes more intertwined. One of the main challenges of international exchange is currency differences. Over the past five years, businesses around the world have adopted crypto payment Bahrain Phone Number List systems. Galaxus is the largest online retailer in Switzerland. They deal in interior and exterior decorations, garden beauty and natural flowers, digital, and electronics. The platform payments using Ethereum. TapJets is an instant private jet booking platform that allows users to charter a private jet for travel or occasions.

Companies Accept As Payment The First Well-known Businesses

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Overstock was one of the first well-known businesses to accept Ethereum tokens as a payment method. OverStock’s adoption of Ether paved the way for its current widespread enterprise use. Travel is a travel agency that helps locate and find great hotels. Travala’s service is impactful and top-notch. Peddler is an online social marketplace that supports interactions between users. First, potential buyers with the same needs or desires form a group to increase their bargaining power. The larger and more active the group.

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