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We have no time to lose and so our story must trigger Guam Business Email List from the first moment! Like a real page turner. But with a lot less pages (more on this later). While you might not immediately think of storytelling when you see their ads, British bakery chain Greggs clearly sees potential in such exciting content. Surprisingly, for a baker. But no less effective for that. When Guam Business Email List you say visual storytelling, you naturally say film. And do you want to get your audience excited about a movie? Then you put a part of your story in a catchy trailer.

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An exciting audiovisual piece of art to tease people Guam Business Email List just enough . In recent years we have also felt the same energy in teasers of, for example, new fashion and tech releases (iPhone). And… in Greggs’ ads! Also read: Social media: the trends, features and must-reads for the second half of 2021 Greggs vs. iPhone The fast food bakery, by definition not always Guam Business Email List the healthiest, has something to say. Like many other (fast) food chains, they are broadening their horizons and their (mainly savory) range is gradually being expanded with vegan variants.

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In their communication, however, they Guam Business Email List do not opt ​​for the ‘Better World’ story, but prefer a short, powerful message that tells the world about their ‘great’ change of course. ‘Over-the-top-iPhone-release-amazing’. ‘High-end-fashion-collab-amazing’! This resulted in catchy, triggering trailers for vegan sandwiches. With humor and satire as the Guam Business Email List main drivers, Greggs managed to take the world in their own way in this new chapter of bakery life. Greggs vs. fashion. Tell your story in smells, colors and sounds


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