Breaking The Laws of Marketing

The narrower the shelf of competitors Benin WhatsApp Number List with the product range, the less sales from competitors. And why is it bad for the consumer? There is no real product subgroup, no competitors, no real choice of different (I emphasize!) varieties of cucumbers, different brands, different farms and different growing conditions. What’s wrong with a retailer? Yes, all the same. It is unlikely that sales from the shelf are increasing, because some special cucumbers for “azu in Tatar” Benin WhatsApp Number List are, if not fake, then this is a very specific product. So, occupying the shelves with dumb, the retailer’s assortment is reduced, the consumer simply does not see the usual brands. By the way, retailers should not be allowed to do this. Well, or if only for a decent rollback.

What then does he do?

Branding? If you noticed, then retailers Benin WhatsApp Number List stopped displaying brands – all products of one brand in a row on one shelf. Now the grocery display and nonsense can be scattered across different product groups and shelves. The reason for this is clear – in the food industry in the vast majority of product groups.  People tend to choose a product rather than a brand. And what about brand lovers? And there is a booking for brand adherents – buy out places for promotional display and promotions or buy out a piece of space for the brand corner and get naked there as much as you like, exhibiting pseudo-differentiated products, Benin WhatsApp Number List testing, pushing and persuading. It’s expensive. If the retailer allows it, you can do it like this, parasitizing on the shelves and leading consumers into fornication.

Occupy the shelves

Marketing is not a struggle for shelves, but for perception. If a consumer perceives a brand as Benin WhatsApp Number List good milk or high-quality cheese, not courtly cucumbers. Copiers, then trying to sell him all of the above at once and under one brand is a mistake. According to marketing masters, not only does not lead to an increase in sales in the future. So the image of the brand is blurr in the minds of consumers. An attempt, as Kozma Prutkov said, to “shove the unimaginable” (inflated product lines into one brand) inevitably leads to a decrease in sales of the main product. Yes! There will always be a direct competitor who: Salespeople always think in terms of today’s sales. Manufacturers think in terms of gross output and dream of producing essentially the same product. They agree only to a slight change in technological maps, which makes. It possible to Benin WhatsApp Number List obtain pseudo-different products without restructuring production. A businessman thinks about profitability and return on investment. If he does not see the numbers from month to month, then he starts to get nervous.

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