Black Friday, the Favorite Day

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated Cameroon WhatsApp Number List days for consumers around the world to buy online, as confirmed by Trusted Shops in the latest study it has carried out. Thus, on November 24, 2017, Black Friday last year, it was the day that the most online purchases were make. Spaniards in stores certified by the company. In addition, they also stand out in sales success on December 27 , in the Cameroon WhatsApp Number List middle of the shopping campaign for Christmas gifts, and on November 27, which coincided with Cyber ​​Monday .I want to make money

the Spanish to Buy Online

However, April 14, which coincided with Good Friday, and February 25 and 26, when Carnival was Cameroon WhatsApp Number List celebrate, were the days when fewer people went to e-commerce. If we divide it by cities, Valencia, Barcelona and Murcia are the three that lead the ranking of the areas. Every day, at all hours In relation to the preferred days of the week to buy online, not including Black Friday, the Spanish tend to vary between their favorite day. While Sundays and Mondays are the ones that take the cake with 15.7 and 15.6% respectively, I want to make money Tuesdays (15.1%), Wednesdays (14.9%) and Cameroon WhatsApp Number List Thursdays (14%) follow them very closely. On the other hand, Fridays (13.3%) and Saturdays (11.5%) are the days with the least online activity.

Every day, at all hours

If we focus on the hours , those preferre Cameroon WhatsApp Number List Spaniards to pick up their smartphone or computer and buy online are 11 in the morning I want to make money and 8 in the afternoon, with 6.8% each, and 9:00 p.m., with a 6.6%. What do the Spanish buy? The analysis has not only focused on knowing when Spaniards buy, but has also analyzed what they buy.  As a curiosity, the most expensive object purchased online. All those sold with the Trusted Shops certification was an excavator for 325,000 euros. By contrast, the cheapest item was a mini bottle of apple juice for 10 cents. ” This Friday, will once again Cameroon WhatsApp Number List represent . A sales peak for all Spanish e-commerce that already have everything ready. Show their best offers and comply with what is already a tradition” , says Jordi Vives , Country Manager of Trusted Shops.

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