Black Friday Not Everything Is Good

The Internet is one of the biggest nests Chile WhatsApp Number List of scams. Although it is common knowledge that criminals use the anonymity of the digital world to cheat and steal money from consumers, there are still many victims of cybercrime. The sophistication of criminals’ methods makes it difficult not to fall for it. One of the most frequent is spoofing, that is, the creation of a website with an address identical to that of well-known trademarks except for a letter or a sign that usually goes unnoticed by the consumer. This practice is Chile WhatsApp Number List especially intense in periods when online shopping peaks, such as Black Friday.

Cheap Scams Flourish With Discounts

For this reason, the Mossos Chile WhatsApp Number List d’Esquadra have launched an international investigation. Which, according to El Confidencial, would implicate thousands of websites suspected of posing. The original ones in order to steal money or user data. A situation that is alert not only by the security forces, but also by consumer associations. And it is that, in what is one of the days with the highest sales volume of the year, the temptation to make cash leads.  Chile WhatsApp Number List the brands themselves to resort to tricks such as increasing prices days before and then lowering them and giving a sensation of greater discounts. to the consumer while maintaining their margins. Some clearly unethical tricks that show that during Black Friday you also have to be wary of what is good, beautiful and cheap.

Apple, Victim of the Stagnation of the Smartphone Market

The exhaustion of the smartphone Chile WhatsApp Number List market. That about in the industry for a long time is beginning to become evident. Mobile sales are stagnating despite manufacturers’ efforts to entice users by launching shiny devices almost every year. A crisis that some, like Apple , want to weather with a price increase. seeking to maintain their margins despite the decrease in terminals sold. A strategy Chile WhatsApp Number List that has served the apple company to maintain its financial health.  I want to make money

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