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Sell your course on Instagram , you also have to ensure Uruguay B2B List realistic and measurable promises. In any case, don’t promise more than you can deliver. But above all, do not suggest better results than is realistic. Do you have one customer who has achieved a certain result after your course? Then clearly state that you had a customer who Uruguay B2B List achieved that, but not that your customers in general achieve that. It also helps to be specific about what you actually deliver: When will the content be online?

 How to Write Effective Case Studies to Promote

The number of posts The number of stories Uruguay B2B List (maximum 100 = 25 minutes per day). Are they pinned in the highlights? The number of IGTVs How many lives and above all: when? Are they saved as IGTV? From when to when do students have access to the content? 2. Avoid stealing work Prevent the student from running off with your course and Uruguay B2B List becoming your competitor. If you offer content that is original enough, it will automatically be subject to copyright .

 Local Businesses Are Losing Out By

You don’t have to do anything. The content may Uruguay B2B List therefore not just be copied. But it is allowed to adopt the idea of ​​the course. The facts that emerge in the course are also allowed. It is therefore possible that one of your students will use what he/she has learned and will launch his own course on the market. Do you think that’s a problem? In that case, include a non-competition clause in which you stipulate that your student may not also teach a Uruguay B2B List course on this specific subject for the next X period, for example two years.


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