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That aside, how is the data visualization? Good, very good. You can choose from various graphs, tables, topographical maps and diagrams. You will then receive Hong Kong Email List a sheet in which you can quickly paste your data. The data visualizations look nice and are easy to use. A business upgrade costs €43.50 per month, for one user where you pay per month. If you have a paid account, you can also add links behind parts of your infographic. A big plus. With a free account you can download your infographic as a JPG file, you have 100mb storage and a limited supply.

Hong Kong Email List

Also read: 24 design tools that you can also use as Hong Kong Email List a non-designer Click on the image for a larger copy. infographic visme 4. Venngage After you have created a free account with Venngage , you choose up to three forms of content that you want to get started with. If you opt for infographics, you will then see different templates. You can also choose three of these. Based on your choice, you will then receive recommended templates. That saves a lot of searching! You can quickly add your corporate identity.

Quick as in: enter your website and Venngage will retrieve your colors, fonts and logo. Venngage is easy to use. All icons, images and objects are sorted by subject and there is a search function. Small detail, with characters you can adjust the skin color. Venngage is Hong Kong Email List also the right place for data visualization. There is a wide range of graphs, tables and much more. Want to add a word web? That too is possible. Whichever design you choose, you can easily adjust your data via a sheet or import an Excel or CSV file.

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