Big Companies Lie More Than

Despite the fact that climate change is sadly an increasingly Ecuador WhatsApp Number List palpable reality. The use of fossil fuels continues to smoke (literally). And although more and more companies are making promises aime at protecting the climate. Their words are often self-righteous , according to experts. According to a recent study undertaken by the New Climate Institute in collaboration with Carbon Market Watch. The promises to protect the climate made by 25 of the world’s largest companies can by no means. And the plans that Ecuador WhatsApp Number List some companies put on the table to reduce greenhouse gases by 100% actually translate into a reduction barely 40%.

They Talk When They Boast of Protecting

Only one of the 25 companies assessed in the report’s Ecuador WhatsApp Number List. Thomas Day, who leads research at the NewClimate Institute. That the (often bombastic) promises of big business to tackle climate crises are usually devoid of any real substance. And they can therefore confuse both consumers and regulators.According to the Ecuador WhatsApp Number List report, 24. 25 companies analyz  rely on variable quality criteria to offset the emissions they generate. And about two-thirds of companies support themselves to offset the greenhouse gases they produce in forests. I want to make money

The Climate “Romantic Love

The NewClimate Institute study finds that the Danish Ecuador WhatsApp Number List logistics group . Maersk is the only company with reasonable integrity in its approach to climate protection. They follow Maerk Apple, Sony and Vodafone, whose environmental integrity is only moderate. In contrast, the integrity of the environmental commitments of Amazon, Deutsche Telekom, Enel, GlaxoSmithkline, Google, Hitachi, Ikea, Vale, Volkswagen and Walmart is low. I want to make money. And the integrity of Accenture, BMW, Carrefour, CVS Health.  Deutsche Post DHL, Eon, JBS, Ecuador WhatsApp Number List Nestlé, Novartis, Saint-Gobain. Unilever in embracing customer protection is rate very low.” “We need governments and regulators to put an end to greenwashing once and for all. Emphasizes Gilles Dufrasne, an expert at Carbon Market Watch.

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