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Instagram Stories Instagram Stories is a new feature of the. App that lets users post pictures and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Your followers can view these South Korea Phone Number List posts in a slideshow. Allowing for more real-time sharing and can be related to a specific moment. publishing stories. Instagram has always been the social media of choice where users can share.

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With the launch of the Instagram Stories feature, you can now share important highlights. About your business with your followers. From the Instagram home screen, just swipe right to easily access the. Instagram Stories camera. The camera screen includes several options: live, boomerang, normalM rewind From Its Content South Korea Phone Number List and hands-free recording. Instagram Business Stories – Sked Social Is it worth using Instagram Stories.


People aren’t just using Instagram Stories to connect with friends. One-third of the most-viewed stories are from businesses. These impressive engagement numbers are a testament to the popularity of Instagram itself. With almost 50% of brands already using Instagram, can your brand really afford it? There are many more reasons why South Korea Phone Number List marketers and entrepreneurs should seriously consider using

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