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Swim band or hip gold? The funniest German words that Jordan Email List mislead you Last chance to get super early bird tickets! Will we see you on April 21 at Growth Marketing Event? 4.8k 11 reactions like bookmark Marian Verstraaten van Peek & Cloppenburg KG 4.8k November 26, 2021 at 08:00 9 minutes reading Laughter is healthy and we will certainly do that in this article. We Jordan Email List are going to talk about German words that mislead. German and Dutch are very similar, but appearances can sometimes be deceiving.

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Differences between the two languages ​​are often very Jordan Email List funny. Are you talking about drumsticks? Then a German does not think of a chicken leg. He only sees drumsticks in front of him! Miscommunication between Germans and Dutch is more common than you think. Misleading words play a major role in this! What are misleading words? Misleading words Jordan Email List  try to mislead us. Are you now wondering how that is possible? Take a look at this brain teaser: Which word does not belong in the list?

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Tomato soup, vegetable soup, pumpkin soup and queen Jordan Email List soup.  The correct answer is queen soup! You don’t have to guess what the ingredients are for the first three soups . Tomato soup contains tomato, vegetable soup contains a lot of soup vegetables and Jordan Email List pumpkin soup contains pumpkin of course. We don’t doubt that. But what exactly is in queen soup? The answer to this question turns out to be a bit more difficult. I recently saw a little girl in the supermarket.

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