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If you choose to offer your entire product Gambling Email Address (or a large part of it) in the form of microlearning, we call it short form learning . Microlearning stands on its own, the entire content is offered in the form of microlearning. You can start from scratch, but also from an existing starting point. For example, consider a book or magazine. The content is already there, but you offer it again in an attractive, manageable learning form Gambling Email Address (accessible via mobile). Note: you can’t just chop up the content! You redesign the content in a didactic manner, while guarding against cognitive overload.

9 Tips for Structure in Your Text

This means that each learning unit, also known Gambling Email Address as a learning nugget , contains only one learning objective and a maximum of three takeaways. You can serve all learning nuggets as if they were a bundle over a certain period. Investigate whether a revenue model may be applicable here. Perhaps a subscription model, where the user pays and then gets to receive the series. Or product packaging, where microlearning is a large part Gambling Email Address of your product range. Comprehensible writing is more than writing simple words and short sentences.

Structure as Part of an Understandable Text

It is at least as important that you add structure to Gambling Email Address your texts. But how do you do that? In this article I share 9 tips. Perhaps the information is not completely new to you, but it never hurts to refresh your memory. Understandable texts and texts at B1 level have been the subject of my blogs for some time now. Because what makes a text really understandable for a reader? I found that an understandable story goes far beyond writing simple Gambling Email Address words, short sentences and clear headlines ( the standard features of B1 ). As far as I’m concerned, a ‘clear structure’ should not be missing from this list.


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