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Just think of our word cow pie. That sounds just as strange Cyprus Business Email List to a German! 4. Tote Granny Not every German will know ‘Tote Oma’. The term originates from the former GDR. There it was a well-known dish that looks like a kind of knit, a real classic with Cyprus Business Email List black pudding. The sausage gives the dish a reddish-brown color and this makes it look a bit sinister at first glance. How did the court get its name? It’s not so hard to guess now! German humor with a wink.

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Ludwig from Jena in Germany told Claudia from Utrecht Cyprus Business Email List that it was time for ‘Tote Oma’. Then there was a moment of silence. Claudia took the German name ‘Tote Oma’ a bit too literally. “Gosh, Ludwig’s grandmother is dying. How bad!” Claudia thought it was very inappropriate that Ludwig talked so enthusiastically about his dying grandmother. What she Cyprus Business Email List didn’t realize is that ‘Tote Oma’ is a traditional DDR dish. Pure (n)ostalgia for Ludwig. If we do not master a foreign language flawlessly, all kinds of misunderstandings can arise.

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These can be funny. But sometimes they are really Cyprus Business Email List annoying! Do you speak a foreign language at C1 level? Then your conversation partner often automatically assumes that you understand every word perfectly. But there will always be expressions of which you as a non-native speaker do not yet know the meaning. Learning is a continuous process.  Außer Gefecht Cyprus Business Email List signal Admittedly, it is perhaps a prejudice that most Germans like to drink a beer and that beer in Germany is often allowed to flow freely.


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