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Raw data when you need it (you can export numbers separately in Excel if you want) and summarizing the data you need to determine what to take based on the insights measures . A simple example is the best time for us to post a feature based on insights on when your followers are online. Access your insights from your desktop You can view Instagram and Facebook Page insights on your phone in the Instagram Facebook mobile app, but what if you want to view insights from your desktop? How easily do you share reports or (dare to say) learnings with team members.

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And clients? Sked has powerful Instagram and Facebook Page insights, easily accessible from your computer’s web browser, to find out. To access Data Analytics, go to your Sked Dashboard and click on Data Analytics in the main navigation. How to Access Sked’s Namibia Phone Number Instagram and Facebook Page Insights What Sked Insights tells you There are four main categories on the Data Studio dashboard: Overview, Content, Audience, and Stories. Let’s see them! “Overview”: How to track the situation? The Overview tab provides you with a high-level summary of key analyses. You can choose.

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The data you want to view in the past 7 days, 1 month, or 90 days, or choose your own date range from the calendar drop-down menu. The first part of the overview is a summary of your high-level metrics. This shows your new followers, engagement rate and reach, and percentage increase or decrease compared to the previous period (if you selected last 7 days, the last period is the previous 7 days; if you selected last month , the last period is the previous month). Clicking “See More” below each box will take you to another tab with more insights into each category.

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