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difficult material in an understandable manner for a Benin Business Email List wide audience. The result: an article that I stand behind. That sometimes almost feels like my baby. I send it to a client or interview candidate and eagerly await the feedback. And then I get a long list of points for improvement. Oof. That hurts. Few work feels as personal as writing . It’s a creative process, Benin Business Email List the sentences come from my head, they are my fantasies. And apparently they are not good. So they don’t like me.

Benin Business Email List

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Even during my studies, my father (also a copywriter) Benin Business Email List reminded me: don’t take feedback personally. It’s about your text, not about you as a person. If you see every text as a part of yourself, you will have a tough career ahead of you. I admit, some times are better than others, but I’ve stuck with that advice ever since. And I can recommend that to everyone. Don’t Benin Business Email List panic right away I remember the feeling of high school when I got a test back. My heart was racing. What would the result be?

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Even now I sometimes open an email with that Benin Business Email List nervous feeling. What does a client or interview candidate think of my work? When I receive a red document back with 48 comments, I sometimes lose heart. Yet nine times out of ten it is not that bad. Many comments have been implemented this way. Others I read through, after which I put the article away Benin Business Email List for a while and continue with it later. In the end, I often processed the feedback that way. 3. Ask for clarification “This is not going well.” What is not going well? Or: “Let’s have a look.”

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