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Do you also find it difficult to tell a ‘correct’ story about South Korea Phone Number List yourself on social media or your website? Many professionals go wrong with this. Read in this article which common mistakes you can avoid, so that from now on you can present yourself carefree with your own signature story. What is a South Korea Phone Number List signature story? You may have never heard of a signature story, so first some explanation.

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A signature story is a personal story about something South Korea Phone Number List that characterizes you, just like a chef has put his personal stamp on his signature dish. It is a dish that he can always present as proof of his cooking. It stands like a house. Your taste buds are optimally stimulated, the presentation on the plate stays South Korea Phone Number List with you. The same is true with a signature story. That story often represents something bigger in your life, such as a fascination for design, the urge to pioneer, or the drive to always uncover the truth.

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By telling it small, you reveal a long thread in South Korea Phone Number List your life. It’s your signature The great trick in this story is to stay close to yourself because it is your ‘signature’. You clearly show who you are and what you stand for through a concrete event, so that you never have the feeling that you are doing South Korea Phone Number List something vague that you can hardly explain to others. It is therefore pre-eminently the story that you want to share via social media or the ‘about-us page’ on your website.

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