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This application created by Beijing kuaishou technology Co. has been a hot topic of conversation lately. This platform that comes from China is a hot topic of discussion because it is one of the most popular applications in Indonesia. snack video is not only a place for entertainment but also a place to earn money easily.

The rapid development of technology makes people compete to get money in an easy way. Snack video has become one of the people’s favorite platforms to make money. Only by collecting coins we can exchange them into rupiah in this application. Here are ways that you can do to earn money without inviting friends from video snacks, let’s see the review!

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How to earn money without inviting friends
Become a content creator
Nowadays, many people from various circles are competing to become content creators. In addition to having many followers, being a content creator is considered easier to earn money. For those of you who like and dare to appear in front of the camera, being a content creator can be the right choice. You can make video sanck as your place to upload videos. snack video will give you a bonus for the total followers, views and likes of every video you upload. In addition, you can open an endrosment service or work with brands

Doing daily check-in
Snack video will give you coins when you check in every day. By collecting coins from check in you can exchange them for rupiah. But this of course takes Marketing Directors Email Lists quite a long time

Participate in events

Marketing Directors Email Lists



Video snacks often hold special events for users. Various events are often held starting from inviting friends, following a trend and so on. You can use this event to collect coins. This event will usually be located on the main snack video page so you don’t want to miss it

Upload video
For those of you who like and are good at making videos, this is one way you can make money without inviting friends from snack videos. You will get paid from the snack video if your number of likes and viewers has met the target of the snack video.

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