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More and more businesses import products from China and the United States . In these cases, a size converter or size chart for converting Asian sizes to Spanish, Mexican, Chilean or the country in which you live is an instrument that you need to have on hand. You may even be interested in converting Asian sizes to European sizes. The size conversion will be especially useful if, in addition to buying products for your own use, you are dedicated to dropshipping . In this type of online business, it is key that your customers understand the size equivalence of your products in order to generate sales. In any case, take a look at the size charts that we have prepared for you.

With our American and Asian size converter you can calculate the equivalence of Spanish, Mexican, American, European, English sizes… with a single glance. Remember that if your customers receive products in the wrong size, you will have Greece whatsapp number list to deal with refunds, returns and customer complaints. This only leads to more work and unnecessary expenses, so avoid it by offering equivalent size charts to your users. If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur and you are looking for clothing suppliers. It is imperative that you know how to convert Asian sizes into American, European or Latin American sizes.

For This Reason, in This Article

We explain the sizes and their equivalences so that you can convert Asian clothing sizes to Western sizes. And of course, even if you don’t plan to start a reselling business , keep reading to see our Chinese size converter. Surely you have asked: What size do I have in China? Or what is my US size? Get rid of doubts with our Asian and American size converter! SHOPIFY MAKES IT EASY FOR YOU Open the online business you’ve always dreamed of. START FREE TRIAL Asian size converter: What is my Chinese size or what is the equivalent size of my clients? size converter If you have come to this article with a question such as: How to know my size in Asian clothing? Here we help you know how to make the equivalence of Asian size to European, Spanish, Mexican, etc.

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The first thing you should do when converting products from. Asian sizes to American or European sizes is to contact the supplier. Your dropshipping suppliers are likely to offer a size conversion for all the products they sell. So contact them and ask them for an Asian-Western size chart. For example, if you dropship with or buy from AliExpress. You will find that most sellers will provide you with a free size converter. Many of AliExpress sellers already have a size guide in their product descriptions or size conversion chart. Which makes your job easier.

If You Cannot Find the Equivalent

Of Asian sizes there, we recommend that you search for these products on other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Surely, you will find articles similar to the products to sell online that you have chosen. These product lists will have European or American size charts or size converters and equivalencies, which you can use as a reference point for your own online store. Once you have the correct sizing information, which will allow you to convert from Asian to European or American sizes, you need to make sure that your customers also have easy access to this information. converter of Asian and American sizes to Spanish, Mexican…

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