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Up of different files such as PHP code, CSS style sheets and JavaScript functions, among many others, capable of making a website much slower, especially if it is not optimized. Look for a responsive option (that is, one that adapts to different devices such as tablets and mobile phones) that optimizes the code and resources to the maximum to improve the performance of the website. Optimize images Images are very important in the loading time of any web page. For a non-optimized image… absolutely nothing happens! The problem is that the habit of uploading images to the website without optimizing them can usually cause the page to become a slow loading website.

How to optimize images? There are several tools that will help you reduce the weight of images completely free of charge. For example: tinyPNG , with which you will reduce the weight and also the size. Use quality hosting Even if you have a super optimized website, if you don’t have Iran phone number hosting… it won’t do you any good! The hosting must be good and up to par in terms of stability and also in terms of response time. Keep your code as optimized as possible Keeping the code optimized is key to reducing the loading speed of any web page.

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Affects the speed and that by adding non-elements to the website, harmful code layers are generated. The excess of code affects the loading speed of your website. So remember that it is best to avoid code saturation to maintain the proper loading speed. Minify CSS and optimize cache It is to minimize the CSS (Style Sheets) so that the server reads less information to display the page more quickly to the user. On the other hand, you also have to make

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The most of caching in the browser as it will allow users not to have to load your entire website every time they enter Use the necessary plugins Using only the necessary plugins is another tip that you should not ignore. This is because usually WordPress is much slower when you use more plugins, and much slower if these plugins are not optimal. There are some plugins that can help you know which ones you should remove, and even plugins that will help you improve the loading speed directly. Some of these plugins are the following: WP Rocket, WP Optimize, WP Smush…

The Evolution Of Seo Iran Phone Number Unstoppable

Today, user experience (UX) is key to attracting quality traffic to a website. This work does not necessarily replace traditional SEO work. But it is the best complement to position a web page or certain content in a search engine. From Bloo Media, SEO agency in Valencia. We invite you to discover some of the most important details of usability and user experience. Factors for SEO optimization that can help you climb positions in Google more quickly. What is the SXO? The SXO mixes SEO and UX. Its main objective is to optimize the user experience when searching on Google.

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