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We must also add the popularity that this format has achieved as a result of the health crisis, which makes users much more familiar with it and predisposed to use it. Senior people scanning a QR on the street Source: you Tips for using QR codes It into account that although they can return many types of content to the user, it must be useful and with added value for him. Accessibility: although we are now used to seeing them almost anywhere, to achieve an optimal result,

QR codes must be in a context where they make sense and have an adequate size to attract the user’s attention. Wi-Fi or data : you have to think carefully about where the QRs are placed and what content Turkey phone number in them. Since it is not the same for a user to scan it while connected to Wi-Fi as it. Is to do so with a mobile data connection. Depending on the content. It may not even load completely or it may bounce. Indications : it is advisable to include, along with the QR code,

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That tells the user what they will find inside. Uses of the QR code in marketing campaigns As we have already said, one of the greatest advantages of QR codes is the large amount of information they can store and, with it, the variety of formats that we can use in their content. Some examples are: Letters or product catalogues: not only does it reduce manufacturing costs, but they also favor the user experience. Visiting cards :

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which will increase the possibility that the client enters it. Discount codes: you can offer a specific discount code for each type of customer you want to target. For example, you will be able to retain those who have already converted or encourage a potential client to convert. Promotional videos : making small videos with dynamic and attractive content will attract the user’s attention. This last use could be applicable to movie premieres,

So That Through A Qr Code You Can Turkey Phone Number

directly access a movie trailer. Tourism marketing: a great example in this regard is Lisbon. The Portuguese capital has been able to take advantage of QR codes to promote the city, and it has done so in a big way. It is the cobblestones of the city that draw the QR codes that, in turn, lead to information of various kinds of tourist interest, such as videos or portals with information. include the QR code to redirect to your website, either to the home page or to a specific page,

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