Advertorial is a strategy to promote a service

Advertising Strategy with Advertorial for Marketing €“ Have you ever read a news story that contains information about a product? It could be that what you read is an advertorial. Advertorial advertising has been popular for a long time, before the boom , the marketing strategy that is now widely used is digital marketing . For those of you who are curious and want to know more about what advertorial ads are, take a look at this article first!

What are Advertorials?

Advertorial is a strategy to promote a service or product through advertising. Uniquely, the product or service is promoted using journalistic language. Thus, offering a product or service can seem very subtle. Advertorial advertising is also one way to advertise in the digital marketing era that is able to increase company turnover effectively.

Things You Should Pay Attention To To Make Advertorials
Making advertorials refers to journalistic rules because it is a combination of editorial articles and advertisements. An advertorial must contain 5W1H elements in order to be able to deliver advertisements while providing useful information for the audience. There are still some things that you Training Directors Email Lists should pay attention to when making advertorials, such as the following.

1. The Media You Use to Publish the Advertorial


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Determining the media that will help you promote your product or service is important. There are many kinds of media that can help you with advertorials, such as online media , printed magazines, newspapers, and various other media. Choose the media that matches the image that is already attached to your brand . You can choose it after reading some of the advertorials that they have made and feel it fits your brand .

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2. How Long Do You Want Your Advertorial?
The length of the article is also one of the important things that you must pay attention to. Because the costs you need will be more and more if the articles published are getting longer. Then, articles that are too long will also disturb the comfort of the audience if you choose to publish advertorials on online media . So, first consult as long as what advertorial is suitable for your product with the author!

3. Advertorial Title Selection
The title becomes a very important point in the advertorial. It is a good idea to discuss what topics will be covered in the advertorial with selected media writers. Customize your product or service with the existing topic. Convey ideas to the author so they can create the right advertorial title for your product or service.

4. Clarity of the Contact Information Included in the Advertorial
Advertorials also have a call to action like any other type of ad. However, the call to action in advertorials is usually very gentle and doesn’t seem to force the audience to do something. The existence of a call to action in an advertorial makes clear contact information very important, such as a related brand website . This is so that the audience can visit the website and make purchases.

How are you? Are advertorial ads suitable for promoting your brand ? For those of you who need more explanation about various things about the world of digital marketing, you can join the Campus Digital course. Come on, see more information here !

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