Ads can find a target audience that is relevant

Do you know? Many of the successful online businesses because of advertising through Facebook Ads. No wonder this advertising media has become one of the platforms most Indonesian business people use. That’s because, Facebook can reach users more broadly and targeted.

Ads can find a target audience that is relevant to who you are targeting. Facebook has also provided several features that can make it easier for users to learn anything about Facebook Ads.

Well, in this article, we will discuss what you should know about Free Facebook Ads Learning Quick Tips.

What You Should Know About Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads has several types of campaigns according to the purpose of the ads you will run. Well, to be successful in advertising, you need to know the types of campaigns below:

1. Post Engagement
Post Engagement works to find activity from the audience through the type of content and expansion of reach. Through this type of campaign, it’s possible to find a lot of audience activity compared to the fan followers of the page you have.

There are several reasons why not all the content you Quality Directors Email List use can attract an audience, one of which is through this campaign.

2. Instant Experience


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Instant Experience is a type of campaign whose focus is on getting a new audience in contrast to post engagement. If you use this type, you only need to provide the essence of a product or service that you are promoting. Facebook will help deliver product or service content and download buttons.

3. Video
Video is a type of campaign that aims to educate the audience, so that they know the advantages of the product that has been promoted. The video size can also use a high resolution and a ratio of 9:16 and 16:9.

4. Offers
One type of campaign that Facebook has provided is user- or audience-based advertising. This type of ad will focus the audience to the signup page on the site you are using and direct them to take bidding action on the promotion.

In addition, you will also incur costs if there are audiences who take offers in the form of discounts or other special offers.

5. Lead Generation Ads
Lead Generation Ads are a type of campaign that Facebook provides with the aim of simplifying and making it easier for the audience to sign up for ads.

Audiences only need to press the learn more button to understand the product from the ad. In addition, to overcome audiences who are still hesitant to press the button on the ad and enter personal data in the ad. This will be a solution to overcome the difficulty of getting customers from advertising. For the rest, visit the Campus Digital website.

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