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Moreover, good SEO is something that lasts, compared to Cyprus Business Email List advertising that disappears as soon as you stop, or social, where you can get snowed in by others who do the same or better. It is a one-time investment that will benefit you for a long time to come. So what do you optimize for search engines? Product texts Category texts blogs What requirements Cyprus Business Email List must an SEO-proof product text meet? A good product title, containing the product name (and possibly the manufacturer).

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A unique description of the product, supplemented Cyprus Business Email List with keywords. A good and easy URL. A meta description that invites you to read, experience or try more. With the product text covered, what should you think about for a good SEO category text? Of course also your meta data (so your page title and meta description). Relevant heading tags that help search Cyprus Business Email List engines understand relevance to your page, and in which you add relevant keywords. Unique, relevant category text (even if your designer or brand strategist may tell you not to).

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Where you focus on descriptive keywords that fit Cyprus Business Email List naturally into your text. Also use other reports in an SEO manner, so go for clear text in which you incorporate keywords. Think, for example, of a guidebook or other extra information about your product. Good link texts: ‘discover’, ‘click here’ or ‘read more’ are meaningless to Google. Therefore make sure that you Cyprus Business Email List support such buttons or images with, for example, the category you refer to. And finally: how do you make your inspiration articles SEO-friendly?


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