According to Analysis by Mckinsey

90% of consumers expect to find an online portal dedicated to customer service. Almost half of users expect answers to their questions and complaints through social networks in less than 24 hours. Furthermore, almost 20% of these expect responses in less than an hour. 74% of millennials say that the perception of a brand increases. when it is established that it is the company itself that answers the questions asked through social networks . Strategies to have satisfied customers Now that we have a good idea about the importance. Values ​​and trends that define customer service today, we want to share with you 5 customer service strategies that will surely help you improve the level of your company.

Keys to good customer service 1. Focus on your employees If you want to have satisfied customers. You have to implement a strategy that allows you South africa whatsapp number list to have happy employees. The reason is very simple: if your employees are happy and motivated, they will be much more committed to your company and will want to do everything possible so that your customers receive the best customer service experience. In fact, employee commitment to a business and quality customer service go hand in hand. According to analysis by McKinsey & Company, those companies that focus on developing action plans to improve customer service have seen up to a 20% increase in employee engagement with the company.

For This Reason, Building

a work environment focused on improving employee well-being represents one of the best action plans to improve customer service. Of course, it’s not just about your employees being happy and engaged. It is essential that you give them the appropriate training and tools so that they know how to channel their enthusiasm into effective actions consistent with a customer service philosophy that is intrinsic to the company’s DNA. 2. Let your users take care of the marketing of your company Another very effective strategy to improve customer service is to let your satisfied customers take care of a portion of your marketing. Obviously it is not about asking them to do something.

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This strategy consists of using, in a very natural way, two fundamental factors. The satisfaction of your customers and the power that recommendations and conversations between users have achieved today. What does this strategy look like in practical terms? It is about redistributing your marketing efforts by investing more resources in this service in order to increase the level of experience of your users. The approach of Tony Hsieh, Founder and CEO of Zappos. Represents a good way to embrace this strategy: “We take most of the money that we would have spent. On paid advertising and invest it in customer service. Then we let customers become our marketing.” “We took most of the money that we would have spent on paid advertising and put it into customer service. Then we let customers become our marketing.

Take a Proactive Approach Legendary

American General George Patton once said: “You always have to do more than is expected of you . ” We can apply this phrase in all spheres of life. We can start from it to highlight the benefits that a proactive approach can provide to your business initiatives. In general, there are many companies that passively base their customer service, waiting for it to occur only when a customer has a query or a claim to make. However, this type of mentality represents a waste in terms of business opportunity . For example, if a couple of customers contact you with the same problem, is it worth limiting your customer service to a single response? Instead, wouldn’t it be better to ask your entire user base about the problem? Perhaps you could discover that there are many people who have the same problem, but they do not say anything.

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