Accomplices of Mistreatment

In order to encourage younger users to order food at home, the Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Uber Eats platform has launched a witty contest on Instagram. The communication agency Spicy has created a filter for this brand in which the most requested dishes come to life. Thus, users can turn into pizzas, hamburgers, sushi, pasta, tacos, salads and tortillas by putting their eyes and mouths. Under the slogan You are what you ask for (which refers to the popular saying “we are what we eat”), Uber Eats encourages users of this social network to use the filter and become one of the most popular dishes in the delivery service . The prize is nothing more and nothing less Lebanon WhatsApp Number List than a year of free orders. To participate you just have to be of legal age, follow, upload a story with the filter .

Consumers Want Brands

You are what you ask for and mention in say Lebanon WhatsApp Number List  publication. In this way, users who wish to enter the contest will be eligible for the big jackpot. Uber Eats , which collaborates with more than 220,000 restaurants and operates in more than 500 cities in 36 countries on six continents, has also wanted to announce this contest with a funny video that shows the possibilities of the original filter. In the spot, titled You are what you ask for Uber Eats Awards 2021 , a hamburger, a pizza, a pasta dish and other foods appear, encouraging you to try the Instagram filter with a great touch of humor. When looking at the messages issued by brands, Lebanon WhatsApp Number List most marketers seek to cover such messages with greater authenticity and transparency (to penetrate deeper into the heart of the audience).

Make Them Laugh Out Loud

However, and although these qualities also make Lebanon WhatsApp Number List the consumer very cool, the truth is that he is attract. Above all and above all by those messages in which the brands simply and simply manage to make him laugh . This is how a recent study carried out in the United States by Attest concludes . 57% of the 2,000 consumers consult in their report by Attest confess that the humorous messages with which brands please them are the ones that are most attractive to them. Beyond making them laugh, 47% of consumers also want brand messages to give them the sting of motivation and inspiration . Reassuring and encouraging Lebanon WhatsApp Number List messages (34%). Humor is particularly appealing to older consumers . 66% demand high doses of entertainment from brands. For their part, millennials are more likely to lay their eyes on messages of a motivational and educational nature.

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