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As a writer, you not only want to present your reader with Lawyers Email List an error-free text, but you also want the recipient to understand your text. With a business text you want the message to come across well and that your reader is encouraged to take action. There is a lot that goes into writing a clear text. It is more than writing short sentences full of simple words. These 3 golden Lawyers Email List rules teach you to write a clear, business-like text in direct language.

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What exactly do we mean by clear language? At word and Lawyers Email List sentence level, people often speak of ‘simple Dutch’, ‘simple language’, ‘clear language’, ‘direct language’, ‘clear language’, ‘jip-en-janneke language’ or ‘language at B1 level’. . But clear, customer-oriented communication requires more. Your business text should not be simple, but simple enough for your intended audience. In Lawyers Email List addition, the structure, layout and tone of your text must ensure that your readership does not drop out. Your text should not be simple, but simple enough for your intended audience.

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In clear language I explain how you can write a heck Lawyers Email List of a clear text. Three rules will help you with this: Map out who you are writing for. Use words and phrases that your target audience understands. Make sure that your reader does not drop out due to the structure and layout of your text. Man behind laptop writing article about clear business texts 1. Map out who you Lawyers Email List are writing for Your degree of command of the Dutch language determines the level of your written texts.


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