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With an audience of 1,221 million active users , Instagram has become one of the social networks with the greatest reach for companies. Not surprisingly, 90% of the users of this platform follow at least one company. If you have your own business and are considering having a presence on Instagram, congratulations! It is a wise decision. But beware! Marketing for Instagram can be complex if you have never faced the platform as a company. If you’re lost and don’t know where to start with your Instagram marketing strategy, this guide will give you all the keys. And if your brand is already on Instagram, but you’re not getting results, this guide is for you too.

Are you ready? We enter the heart of one of the most popular social networks of the moment so that you know how to get the most out of it. Let’s go there! Opportunities don’t come, they are created. Do not wait more. START FOR FREE Why do you Morocco whatsapp number list to do marketing for Instagram if you have an online business? The first reason to do marketing on Instagram has been made clear in the first line of this article, don’t you think? 1,221 million people around the world actively use this social network, spending an average of 10 hours a month on it .

The conclusion we draw

Can you imagine the number of potential customers who are there waiting for you to buy your products and who still don’t know you? To buy seriously? Yes. Social networks are great for hanging out, gossiping and chatting with our acquaintances, but on Instagram people also want to buy. According to recent studies , 72% of Instagram users say that they have made a purchase decision after seeing a product or service while browsing the application . The conclusion we draw from these Instagram statistics is clear. Shoppers are increasingly looking to other consumers for information and purchasing decisions. If my favorite influencer recommends a product, I am more likely to buy it because I trust him.

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Here social proof does its thing, as we instinctively tend to trust a product or service that others have already trusted and had a positive experience with. Therefore, if you start working on Instagram marketing with clear objectives and in the right way, you will connect more closely with your ideal client, boosting your sales . But this is not the only reason why your business should be on Instagram. In addition, the platform allows you to reach your ideal customer profile through target advertising. An Instagram marketing tool that very profitable in the long run.

Most popular social networks

How does the Instagram algorithm work? If you want to create a successful Instagram marketing strategy, the first thing you should be clear about is how its algorithm works, that is, those secret rules that decide what content the social network shows to its users . At the beginning of its journey, Instagram ordered the publications in the feed according to a chronological criterion . However, as the social network grew in popularity. Users found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the posts that were share on the platform.

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