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Handy, because that way you can get to know their Tuvalu Email List intention. This is automatically measured in Google Analytics, but we also want the Search parameter to be included. This is the part that appears at the end of the URL when you perform a search. You can check this by entering your own search query and choosing website under administrator, under data streams. The overview of the query parameters is then under advanced settings. Parameter Tuvalu Email List for search term GA4 5. Google Signals This one is great because it allows you to measure new traffic coming to your website from different devices.

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You can then display these in your cross-device Tuvalu Email List reports. You make the customer journey, and in particular the image you have of it, much more complete. That is of course information that you use when optimizing campaigns! Make sure that you comply with the GDPR and that you have included the cookies from Google Signals in your Tuvalu Email List privacy policy. Google Signals 6. Scroll Tracking Would you like to know more details regarding visitor behavior on your site? Then ‘scroll tracking’ is a nice setting to try out! This allows Tuvalu Email List you to see how far your visitors are scrolling down on specific pages.

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The percentage that comes out of this then shows in Tuvalu Email List what capacity your page is used, which you can of course include to optimize. For example, consider a landing page with a form. If there are no conversions, it could just be because the form is too low, and with scroll tracking you can see if that assumption is actually correct! Note Tuvalu Email List that GA4 automatically measures scroll tracking at 90%, but with the tag below you can also measure if someone has only viewed 10% of the page

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