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Search engines are the starting point for 68% of online experiences. Over 53% of website traffic comes from search engines. The proximity rate for SEO leads is 14.6%. These statistics are enough to convince you that your website needs to be SEO friendly, right? But did you know that nearly 75% of SEO professionals charge a monthly fee for their services? Costs can add up, so why not do some DIY SEO to reduce some of those costs? One way to help you with this is to use an SEO-friendly website building platform. By choosing the best SEO friendly platform, you can see two benefits for website creation. Your website is more SEO friendly out of the box. With the help of the tools provided by these website builders, you will be able to handle the basic SEO work yourself. Here are five of the best SEO-friendly website builders to consider next time you build a website.

WordPress Is One Of The Best Cms And Website Builders

1. Nickers Wix website Wix is ​​known for helping webmasters create beautiful websites. But the platform also strives to make it into the list of top -friendly website builders. The benefits and advantages of using Wix for SEO include: No coding required. SEO with Wix is ​​easy and intuitive. Wix Dashboard is already loaded with SEO features and you  Greece Phone Number List have to rely on third-party tools. Linking your Wix site with Google Analytics and Google Search Console is easy. Wix lets you edit the meta title and description of every page on your site. The URLs of pages on your Wix website are customization. You can replace text with images in Wix.

Square space Has Always Been The Go-to For Those Looking

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sites load fast with 99% uptime, which is good from an SEO standpoint. With Wix, you can create a mobile-friendly website and customize it to display flawlessly on a variety of devices. Wix provides provisions for adding 301 redirects. Wix automatically generates an XML sitemap and file for your website. Wix website comes with SSL encryption. (HTTPS instead of HTTP)You can also add canonical tags to all pages. 2. Weekly Weebly website Weebly is one of the best SEO website platforms. This is mainly because most of the SEO features are built into the platform. It is known for its customization themes, affordable plans, and ease of use.

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