To that end, Letterfolk does this by posting pictures of the husband and wife who run the company, as well as pictures of their children. They also do things like post on the birthday of one of their family members. Celebrating milestones and anniversaries can benefit you a lot. Another thing to note by looking at Letterfolk’s optimized profiles is that they already have contact emails on their bios. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a way to connect with a company. Letterfolk solves this problem by including a simple contact email on their Instagram bio, which is easy to find. You often hear nightmares about big companies like Facebook. As a small to medium business, you can make it clear by including a contact email on your Instagram bio that you’re happy to hear from your customers. Different companies try different links in their profiles at different times, but Letterfolk is still simple. This link directs you to the Letterfolk homepage. They may change this based on the promotions they run. You may need to add campaign code so you can track website visitors from Instagram and find out more about them. Nice to meet you! Explore Sked Social: the leading Instagram (and more!) planning tool, available to over 10,000 visual-first agencies and brands. 2. Create an aesthetic for your small business account’s Instagram instagram small business Instagram for small businesses doesn’t have to cause headaches! Tentsile should be able to provide some much-needed inspiration when it comes to creating an aesthetic for your small to medium business . They specialize in eco-friendly portable tree houses. As you can imagine, their aesthetics depend heavily on everything to do with trees, camping, and the great outdoors. Likewise, no matter what industry you’re in, you should show your fans that you’re obsessed with the industry as a whole.

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