If you’d like to spend more time in your social media workflow, sign up for Sked’s 7-day trial . Our all-in-one Instagram scheduler lets you automatically post images, carousels, stories, videos, and more. THow do you find time to lay the groundwork for your small business strategy when you’re busy with all aspects of running your business? As a small to medium business, there is no denying that this can be a daunting challenge. To help you get started with Instagram for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), we’ve put together an easy plan to set up your brand as an SMB on Instagram and get the most out of your marketing strategy. This will include getting the most out of Sked Social (formerly known as Schedulegram), so it will work for you in the best possible way.

Plus, integrating Sked Social into your marketing plan can save you a lot of time and ensure you’re giving your brand the Instagram promotion it needs and deserves. Don’t forget: If you already have an Instagram account, as an SMB, ? Remember: Your CV shouldn’t just say what you do, but really take advantage of the platform and turn it into a call to action! This can be done by using emoji, hashtags, highlighting your website URL or even including your email address. Being an SME could be your unique selling point. be proud of it. Make the most of it. Say it out loud. Consumers there like to support the independent businesses of big companies because they would rather support ordinary people. They can see where the money is being spent. Letterfolk named the man who ran the company and revealed that they were also husband and wife. It really is a family affair. One of the things that many companies struggle with is facelessness and no identity, which can be a bigger problem for larger businesses.

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